Repurposing Old IPhone


MK and B both got cute little mp3 speaker docks for Christmas so that we could jam out in their rooms 🙂

MK’s is a cat.


B’s is a dog.


You adjust the volume with the ears. They both LOVE them. MK has already named hers “kitty the kat”. The Dog cracks me up! I think they have a Panda and a Duck too. The Duck is pretty cute.

We have a boring black speaker to play our iPod‘s in our kitchen for our family dance parties (that usually occur while I’m trying to cook dinner) and knew we wanted something for their rooms. We didn’t really want to buy our young children their own iPod, because well, that just seems a little bit silly. But, they need something to hold their music. Brian and I each have an old iPhone 3 that we have stuffed in a drawer because we didn’t know what to do with them. They still work, but have lost their battery life and are not exactly the newest technology that we feel someone would want to buy. The good news is our 2-year-old and 9 month old will never know the difference and the animal speakers charge them while they are docked. So, I just restored my old iPhone to take everything off of it so that I could load it with MK’s music. You would be surprised how much music a 2-year-old can already have. She likes the classic children songs, loves all of my old Disney soundtracks (glad I saved those for her!) and the newer ones she has borrowed from the library, and totally DIGS the Beatles. Her favorite tune right now is Yellow Submarine by the Beatles. We also take her iPod in the car with us and she is totally amazed that we can have all of her “CD’s” in the car at once and switch easily between them at any time. Before the iPod, she could only listen to one CD per car trip because I didn’t want to keep having to switch them. Isn’t technology awesome?!?

How does your family listen to music? Any song recommendations for a 2-year-old princess? or a 9 month old Bam Bam?


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