The Sleep Saga Continues

So, I know I’ve posted before on my children’s sleep habits and just how poor they are. But, this is a blog about my journey as a SAHM, and at least 2-3 hours every afternoon this week have been spent on fighting my 9 month old to get him to sleep! It is absolutely ludicrous! He is in a terrible cycle of being overtired and fighting sleep and then getting more overtired! How do I stop this cycle?? Any baby whisperer’s want to share their tricks? My house looks like a tornado hit it! Oh wait? Maybe it did!

Please please comment and let me know your ideas or maybe at least leave some encouragement! I don’t care if I’ve tried them already. I’m that desperate!


6 thoughts on “The Sleep Saga Continues

  1. Nicole, a baby that won’t sleep is miserable! Have you tried just laying him down and letting him cry his way to sleep? That’s what we had to do with R. It’s hard to listen to him cry, but it’s worked for us (and now he only cries like 2 minutes!!). Good luck!

    • Thanks Sallie! Sadly, that is what we are doing right now! I am probably giving in and going in there too soon. He screams when you hold him and then plays when you lay him down. I keep telling myself I am an awful mother for keeping him in his crib all afternoon, but as soon as you get him back out he starts fussing again. How long did y’all leave R in his crib crying? I usually give in after 10-15 min.

      • He would cry/scream about 20 minutes before falling asleep in his crib. It was pitiful, but he had started screaming when we rocked him or strolled him to sleep. Putting him in his crib was a lot less stressful on me if he was going to scream regardless. Turn that monitor volume down and be strong! 🙂

  2. Hunter had a few seasons of life where he had to cry it out. He isn’t a cuddly baby so if I take him out to rock etc he just cries more. Have you thought about moms on call? I had their phone service for three months and it was amazing. It might be worth having them come out for your sanity!!!

    • I haven’t heard of moms on call. Will you send me/post a link? I will have to think about that. I remember MK doing the same thing, but I can’t of the life of me remember what we did to fix it! I let him cry it out for an hour and a half and finally gave up when MK woke up! He never did get an afternoon nap. He is stubborn like his mommy :/

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