Sick Day Cardboard Tunnel


Our day quickly changed yesterday after picking up our little B at my parents house the night before. We left him there to play and get in bed on time while we went to church for revival. When we got there to get him, he had a little bit of a fever. His fever has slowly climbed throughout the day as his Advil wore off. It has been as high as 103.5 deg. We are not overly concerned because it does drop significantly with a new dose of Advil.

We are also thankful that we have seen no signs of allergic reaction to the Advil. He reacted to the soy in infant Tylenol several months ago and so we are very hesitant to give him any medicines that may have soy. But, he was pitiful! I think his soy allergy is improving slowly…he did end up having a reaction to the Oreo cupcakes (but I ate several and he just ended up with a little rash). If your kids have allergies to soy, please think about everything that goes into their mouths. It is in EVERYTHING!

We had planned to go to church yesterday morning again as a family, but those plans quickly changed. We stayed in and tried to entertain MK while we babied little B. We had this HUGE box that amazon sent our subscribe and save items in. Did I mention it was HUGE? It has been by our front door all week because we didn’t know what to do with it. I’m really not sure why they needed to use such a big box, but they did. You can’t waste such a big box by sending it directly to recycling! Not with 2 young kids in your house. No, we decided to put it to good use. Should we make a fort, boat, or tunnel?

MK chose a tunnel! Her awesome daddy decided to make a large tunnel with doors so that it could also be used as a fort. He also camoflauged it with the insane amount of packing paper they used to fill such a HUGE box! Did I mention how HUGE it was?







Here are some of my favorite creative uses for cardboard boxes from Pinterest…



A Cardboard Box Town at Peckled


This adorable airplane


How cute is this ice cream cart from Deanna Moore Designs


Cardboard Car from Praises of a Wife and Mommy


Rocket ship at Inspire Me Crafts


Cardboard Castle at Cornerstone Confessions


Tractor from Greene Acres Hobby Farm


Box Ball Track from Crafting in the Rain


Train Station from Celebrate Every Day with Me


And this amazing maze that any kid would love!

Use one of these ideas and go get creative with your kids today! Work those little imaginations! Fill me in on your favorite rainy/sick day activity…

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