Little Duck Organics


If you have a little one, you have got to try these new little snacks from Little Duck Organics.  We bought them for B, but both of my kids LOVE them.  I love them too, because they are simply dried fruits.  They are truly 100% fruit.  With B’s allergies we were having a hard time finding a good on-the-go snack option.  When I spotted this cute little bag, I got so excited.  Now, we could keep him quiet just a little bit longer during church and long car rides like all of the other “puff-dependent parents” (PDP’s) out there…YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!  All of you PDP’s (you know who you are) should give these a shot!  They are a little bit more expensive (I think…not sure on that because we no longer buy puffs), but you can give them to your kids without worrying about all of those nasty chemicals that come in puffs.  Just check out the ingredient lists on those things.

We were gifted these organic puffs.  Earth’s Best Organic can’t be bad for you!  Right?

IMG_6831 IMG_6830

You can’t possibly tell me you know what all of those things are!  Imagine what the conventional brand puffs have in them?

I pulled this list off of a Gerber puff label from Amazon…

Look, with LDO you don’t need a PhD to understand what you are putting into your child’s mouth…




And they actually resemble REAL fruit (because they are)!  My kids love the blueberries…IMG_6816

I challenge you to go pull out your kids favorite snack right now and look at the ingredient list.  If it looks more like the puffs and less like the LDO fruit snacks, go on search for something without all of the unnecessary preservatives and chemicals.  The long list of ingredients tells me that the product you/your child is ingesting is highly refined and they are receiving minimal to no nutritional value from it.  Why eat it??  Are we not eating to nourish our bodies?  Food is our fuel.  You don’t fill your gas tank with junk and expect your car to run smoothly.  Why do that to your body?  And especially your child’s body?

Now, that I hopefully got you thinking, I do have some bad news:  They are a little bit pricey (~$3.99 per pack) and I have only been able to find them at Whole Foods and Buy Buy Baby.  They do sell them on Amazon, but last I checked they were ridiculously expensive on there.

Good news:  If all of ya’ll start buying them, I bet the big grocery stores will start carrying them too 🙂


*I promise that LDO, did not send me a million free packages or reimburse me in any way to write this post.  I just want to share something with you that my family loves!!

**Please don’t get mad at me calling you a “puff-dependent parent” (PDP).  I was a once a PDP.   It didn’t seem so bad when I was oblivious to the LONG ingredient lists that went with those life-saving puffs.  I thought that buying organic puffs somehow meant they wouldn’t have all of those nasty chemicals.  Ignorance is bliss isn’t it?  Well, now you are no longer ignorant to this.  Go pick up some LDO snacks.  If you don’t go to Whole Foods or Buy Buy Baby (there are some other stores listed on LDO’s website that may be more convenient for you) try to call your local grocer and encourage them to try to stock LDO.

If you have discovered another wholesome kid/baby snack, please leave a comment and share it with the rest of us!



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