Coffee Bag Curtains

008 (2) After finding several cute pictures of coffee bag curtains on Pinterest and Houzz, I decided that we needed these in our new home. I was set on this before we even signed on the dotted line for the home. Being the procrastinator that I am, we just put them up a couple 10 months after moving in.


I bought 6 coffee bags for $25 at Scott’s Antique Mall several months ago. We even received a few free coffee beans in the transaction…DEAL!! After they sat in my craft room for a couple of months to acclimate to their new surroundings, I decided they were finally safe to put up. If you are not a certified procrastinator like me, the acclimatization period will not be necessary and you can put yours up as soon as you bring them home.

I used…wait for it… THUMB TACKS to hang them up. Of course, you could use a curtain rod, but the way our windows & blinds are, we would have had to have a decorative rod over each window and for the 5 windows I was putting them on all I could see was $$$$$$. So, I opted for thumb tacks that had been sitting in my desk drawer for years. You could also use nails, but I didn’t have those sitting around waiting to be used..


I used jute that I had bought for my daughters birthday party decorations last year to tie up each bag to form gathers to give them a more finished look.



Without the Jute

Without the Jute


Here are my windows after:

In our living room

In our living room

Coffee Bag Curtains

I just love them! The colors match my color scheme perfectly and they make our house feel so much more cozy! This has gotten my fire burning to get this house looking more like someone is living here and less like a temporary holding cell. I can’t wait to share my future projects with y’all! I have a whole basement full of stuff that is in need of a little bit of updating. I will be sharing each piece before and after it’s facelift!

Would you use coffee bags as curtains? Or is that a little bit too rustic for your taste? If you like this project leave me some feedback! I’m getting a little bit lonely over here πŸ˜‰


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