Becoming Hands Free

So after my last post, have tried to be more mindful of my children today. I used my phone as a phone, like we did back in the 1990’s 2000’s (I did text a few cute photos of the kids). Rather than constantly having it in my hand, never misplacing it, and checking Facebook relentlessly for every single update, I lost track of where I left it laying in the house and didn’t go searching for it when I realized it was missing. Today, I gave my kids ALL of my attention, instead of that I’m playing with you and checking for status updates/updating my blog/texting a friend while I’m only giving you half a quarter of my attention. Today, I ate breakfast with my kids and actually engaged them in conversation/play as I sat across from them. Today, we danced to music in the kitchen after we ate. Today, MK and I painted pictures of her favorite Little Mermaid Characters on her easel (she’s quite the budding little artist).


Today, we explored the playroom, watched the weather, talked about the thunder and the rain, played on the front porch, practiced our animal sounds, pointed to noses and eyes, and did a lot of laughing and giggling. I can honestly say that each one of us was much happier as the day came to a close. We each did ALL that we wanted to do and enjoyed ourselves and especially each other as we did it. I can’t wait for tomorrow. I will no longer be a slave to my phone. It wastes so many precious minutes of my life. It makes my kids have to fight for my attention. It completely inhibits my ability to form new memories as it is hard to see the sweet expressions on B’s face as he tries new foods when my nose is in my phone, or see MK’s sweet mischievous smile as she calls me Sebastian from the Little Mermaid. My kids are precious gifts! It’s time I treat them that way! From one Hands Free Mama to another, I want to sincerely thank you for that swift kick in the pants you gave me with your post on hurrying up. It’s time I slow down a little. Nicole

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