Two Tone Burlap Wreath

I know there are TONS of wreath tutorials on Pinterest, but I am in love with my new creation and just have to share.

I was rushing through Hobby Lobby last week to grab 4 frames that I had been waiting to go on sale while Brian and the kids waited for me in the car. I promised them it would just be a quick in an out trip. Unfortunately, Hobby Lobby sabotaged that effort by strategically placing the burlap and wreath forms on the same end cap right in my path to get to the frames and of course, they were half-off. Hobby Lobby must have seen me coming!

I quickly got on Pinterest to see how many rolls of burlap I would need to make a wreath for my front door. I grabbed my frames, then grabbed 2 rolls of burlap and a wreath form on my way out the door. I couldn’t decide if I wanted natural burlap wreath so it would be easy to switch out the accessories with the season, or go with yellow (my current flavor of the month). Sad news, was that 2 rolls just wasn’t full enough for me! So, I headed back to Hobby Lobby and grabbed another roll of burlap.

I spotted this great tutorial on Pinterest (from rooms for rent) and used her method of weaving the burlap through the wire wreath form…

I modified her technique slightly so that I could use 2 colors. I went around the outside rung of the wire wreath form with 2 rolls of the natural burlap first (weaving through the 2 outermost rings). Then, I wove a roll of the yellow burlap through the 2 innermost rings. The best part is that now I can switch out the inner color as much as my little heart desires. I may have gone ahead and bought an extra red roll for UGA football season…shhh don’t tell anybody!

I loved the way it looked, but felt like it was missing something. Since this wreath was completely unplanned and not in the budget for this month, I went down to the basement to try to find something that we used in our old house to doll up the wreath a little bit. I was able to find these great silk flowers that worked perfectly. I also remembered a “P” that I had painted for this very purpose, but never actually used it (that was years ago…yes, I am a recovering procrastinator). I attached those and put it on the door. I bought a fancy magnetic wreath holder for metal and glass front doors. I only spent $3.99 on it with my 40% off coupon.

How do you like it?

Two-Toned Burlap Wreath from

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