Rocking the Boat Preschool Style

We have been super busy this week getting a certain little girl ready for preschool. She will be starting school in less than 2 weeks. We had parent night last night to learn the ropes of her new school and she got to go to open house this morning. She is beside herself excited. We are less excited šŸ™‚ Her teacher seems great and we have heard nothing but good reviews. We just don’t want our baby girl to be big enough for preschool yet.

We are also a little bit concerned about her placement in a 2 year old class. She missed the birthday cut-off by 20 days. I don’t want to come off as the mom that thinks my daughter is going to rule the world because she is smarter than everyone else, but I am a little worried that she may be in the wrong class. Brian and I have been concerned about this since we signed her up, but have chosen to wait it out and see what happens. Walking into parent night with a completely open mind was going good, until they showed us the learning board that they would be going over every day. The teacher ensured us that each child would master the things on the board by the end of the year. It included pictures of shapes, numbers 1-10, colors, and the pledge of allegiance. Brian and I looked at each other. MK already knows all of this (except the pledge which we have never tried to teach her). Practicing the skills she already knows will definitely be beneficial, but we would like for her to be challenged a little bit.

They will be learning a Bible Verse every month as well. The verse for September is “God made me.” I am so glad they are teaching them scripture, but MK has been quoting the Bible for several months including John 3:16 in its entirety.

I came home from open house and told her that they would be learning about the color red for the first month of school. She responded with excitement, “Oh! You mean R.E.D.?”

We know that these skills are not typical for a 2-3 year old. It is nothing that we have done differently to help her retain all of this. MK is just blessed with a great memory and ability to learn. She is by no means perfect. We know that she can be quite sassy at times and that she will likely not be the star athlete when she grows up. Every kid excels in a different way, and it just so happens, that her way appears to be in the classroom. MK’s older cousin asked at lunch today, “Why is MK so smart?” We said, “because God made her that way.” God makes each of us exactly as he intends for us to be. He even molds us into what he wants us to become. He may have just made her this smart just for this instance to mold me into a person with more boldness so that I can stand up for her needs. But for now, this weak little momma is hoping that they will recognize that she would belong better with an older group.

I don’t want to have to be the parent that complains on the first week of school. This is so not me. I want to advocate for my child, but I don’t want to make anyone mad or make anyone feel like I think I am better than them. And please don’t take this as an attack on the school. It is one of the best preschools in the state and we have had nothing but positive encounters with them so far. I don’t know how they would react to me asking for my child to be moved up a class, but I am sure it would be handled in a very professional, loving manner. I am just a little weak momma that is afraid of rocking the boat.

What would you do if you were in this place?


I promised a few people on facebook that I would be adding in my favorite shower cleaning recipe last week (here I am procrastinating again). I actually can’t call this procrastinating as I simply have not had a free second to take pictures of it. I will be taking those this afternoon and editing them tonight. So be on the lookout for that post tomorrow! Better late than never šŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “Rocking the Boat Preschool Style

  1. I say that it never hurts to ask. I think if you say exactly what you typed they would understand. MK is a very smart little girl and I think she would thrive with being challenged. You also, are a very strong mommy lady!

    • Thanks Ashlea! It’s nice to get feedback from a pre-K teacher :). Went with your advice and sent the teacher an email filling her in on our concerns. Hopefully we didn’t overstep! I am anxiously awaiting her reply šŸ™‚

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