About Me

My name is Nicole. I have 2 beautiful children, MK (2.5 years) and B (9 months). I also have an awesome husband who works very hard so that I can keep the kids at home during the early years of their development. Before having Baby B I was a pediatric physical therapist working in Georgia’s Early Intervention program (Babies Can’t Wait). I had the privilege of treating some adorable and inspiring kiddos. I loved my job, and fully intend on returning to it when my kids get a little bit older. As for now, God’s plan for me is to spend lots of time loving on my babies while they are still babies.

I enjoy decorating, cooking, and being crafty: sewing, painting, knitting. I also enjoy exercising, but am still trying to find time for that with 2 young children. Our family has various food allergies so we are very aware of foods we consume and prepare most of our food at home.

I want to share any lightbulb moments (as we called them in PT school) I have during my adventures as a SAHM that may make your life easier. I will also include tutorials for my newest creations in the craft room and the kitchen to keep you entertained. We are currently trying to decorate our new home so I may post some before and afters so you can follow our journey.

Thanks for following my Mommylogues. Please leave a comment if you are interested in something that you would like for me to share. I love to research new things. So, if I don’t know, I would love to find out for you!


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