Purly Girly Boutique

Purly Girly Boutique

Go over to the Purly Girly Boutique Facebook Page to see what is new… This SAHM is trying to make a little extra money to preserve more time with my sweeties. Please go to http://www.facebook.com/PurlyGirlyBoutique and leave me some feedback. … Continue reading

Facing My Idols with Gideon

I mentioned in my post yesterday that this is the last week of the women’s bible study that I am participating in.  A group of women, young and old, have gathered together for the past 5 weeks on Thursday evenings … Continue reading


Taking a break!

Wait a minute? What?!? You just started and you are already asking for a vacation?

Well, it is more like a staycation! The truth is that September is such a busy month for us and we are having 2 events at our house this month. You know, the house we moved into under a year ago, yet barely have anything up on the walls. We have not prioritized this home and it is showing!

One of the events is our kid’s birthday party. Have I told y’all that they share a birthday just 2 years apart? Did I mention that September is a CRAZY month for us? Well, it is!

So, I will be taking a staycation from the blog world so that I can maintain what sanity I have left. I didn’t want to leave my few loyal readers wondering what was to come of the new blog they had just discovered. Come back in October. I have big plans for this blog and will be taking notes and pictures of the craziness of my September to share with y’all.

See y’all in October :). Keep following the Facebook page as I will try to pop in an do a quick update every now and then. :).

Indian Lentils

Baby B is becoming more of a big boy than a baby. He has been pitching major fits at mealtime. He doesn’t want the puréed food that I have made for him (and have a freezer full of) and he … Continue reading

No More Hurrying Here

The Day I Stopped Saying ‘Hurry Up’

This article from Huffington Post showed up on my newsfeed last night. I swear the lady who wrote it must be spying in my house and writing it about me and my daughter. MK is definitely a noticer and I am most definitely a hurry-up-er. I encourage you to take some time to read it. It will change the way you look at your time with your kids. I am certainly doing things a little bit differently this morning.

The article was originally written by Hands Free Mama. I don’t know about ya’ll, but I will definitely be heading over there to see if she has any other awesome advice. Let me know if ya’ll find anything 🙂