Mommy, Clean Your Room!!

To give a brief background (I promise I will try to keep it very brief): we moved into a new house in the beginning of October with our 1 week old son, after living with my parents for 2.5 months. We sold our old house to an all-cash buyer and had to be out in 2 weeks (one of which we were in Florida on vacation). Needless to say, we were terribly disorganized.

After several months of living in survival mode, we are finally trying to get past the “overwhelmed” stage and get to the “settled in” stage. We are getting closer, but I must say that just keeping the house neat and clean with 2 young kids has been hard for me to do. I have had a lot of trouble finding a balance of keeping the kids happy and feeling like they are getting enough one-on-one attention while keeping our house clean enough that DFCS would approve ;). I just can’t figure out how all of you awesome mommies are doing it. After all, I am not the only mom with 2 young children and a new house.

I finally decided that I needed to quit spinning my wheels and make a plan. I have pinned several things on Pinterest regarding a weekly chore list. I felt a little silly actually mapping out my chores for myself like my mom had once done for me (sticker chart and all), but the truth is: it works! I am not the tidiest person in the world and with 2 young kids our house had turned into a TOTAL disaster. It’s only saving grace was that we had yet to unpack several boxes of extra stuff which were tucked away in our basement. Less stuff = less mess = happy husband!

Now that we have unpacked most of our things, are in a bigger home, and have a new little guy, marathon cleaning days are just not possible. The only day I could do that would be on a Saturday and I am not a fan of wasting that valuable family day on cleaning!

So, the chore chart has been my answer! And when I follow through with it, our house is actually presentable. It’s amazing how much stress can be eliminated by a little bit of organization and a clean house. It am still tweaking my chart and will share it when I feel it is perfect (I haven’t told y’all that I’m a bit of a perfectionist)!

Here are a few of my favorites that I pinned as inspiration…

Free printable at Organize for Free

Free Printable at Little Green Notebook

I was shocked at how many cute ones there are available on Pinterest if you want to display them in your home. I love the idea of framing it behind glass so you could check it off each week like this one from Neaten Your Nest

If you are having trouble keeping up and don’t want to waste your entire weekend catching up, you should give it a try!