Taking a break!

Wait a minute? What?!? You just started and you are already asking for a vacation?

Well, it is more like a staycation! The truth is that September is such a busy month for us and we are having 2 events at our house this month. You know, the house we moved into under a year ago, yet barely have anything up on the walls. We have not prioritized this home and it is showing!

One of the events is our kid’s birthday party. Have I told y’all that they share a birthday just 2 years apart? Did I mention that September is a CRAZY month for us? Well, it is!

So, I will be taking a staycation from the blog world so that I can maintain what sanity I have left. I didn’t want to leave my few loyal readers wondering what was to come of the new blog they had just discovered. Come back in October. I have big plans for this blog and will be taking notes and pictures of the craziness of my September to share with y’all.

See y’all in October :). Keep following the Facebook page as I will try to pop in an do a quick update every now and then. :).

No More Hurrying Here

The Day I Stopped Saying ‘Hurry Up’

This article from Huffington Post showed up on my newsfeed last night. I swear the lady who wrote it must be spying in my house and writing it about me and my daughter. MK is definitely a noticer and I am most definitely a hurry-up-er. I encourage you to take some time to read it. It will change the way you look at your time with your kids. I am certainly doing things a little bit differently this morning.

The article was originally written by Hands Free Mama. I don’t know about ya’ll, but I will definitely be heading over there to see if she has any other awesome advice. Let me know if ya’ll find anything 🙂


Figuring Out WordPress

I have some ideas that (I think) are great for this site. The problem is, I am completely unfamiliar with WordPress. I’ve used Google’s blogger before, but after reading several reviews it seems that WordPress might reign superior. We shall see…
Just wanted to throw my first post out there so I can continue learning this thing that is WORDPRESS!