Mommy’s Unite

Ahhhh….it feels nice to sit down and prop my feet up for a minute. It’s amazing how quiet and relaxing it is when both kids are asleep at the same time! We started our day off running…to gymnastics, then to a play date where we ate lunch, played with friends, wrestled with babies, splashed in the water, spent some time swinging and climbing, and enjoyed a little bit of time chatting with other mommies. It’s amazing how refreshing play dates can be! You spend a couple of hours in complete chaos, but it’s so much better than your typical chaos because you are doing it with others who are in the same walk of life that you are in. Others that laugh at the crazy thing that just came out of your kids mouth, or that fit they just pitched because someone stole the toy from their hand. Others that don’t freak out when they too get covered in pee from a baby who is still in his swimmy diaper (long after we came inside). Life is a lot different at our “girls” lunch dates than it used to be! A lot less gossip, and a lot more chaos! I wouldn’t trade it or these sweet friends for the world! We may be ready to pull out hair out, but at least we can smile and do it together!!

Plus, my kids both went to sleep at the same time without a fight!

Go on over to Rainy Day Mum to check out some awesome play date ideas for kids under 5. Find the perfect idea to keep the kids busy at your next play date. Do it for yourself and your kids. I promise you won’t regret it!!


Leave a comment with your favorite idea for a toddler play date or a funny play date story…


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